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Release Notes for FastScore v1.6.1


Version 1.6 of FastScore introduces multiple input and output streams connected to an engine, Octave and MATLAB runner, and access to the R SDK.


  • REST Transport and Python3 fixes
  • Stream Sampling for inline and REST transports
  • Model Schema is used when missing from Stream Descriptor
  • Loop is set to false by default in Stream Descriptors
  • Stream profiling sensors
  • S3 Authenticated Stream Transport

1.6.1 Model Deploy

  • Multiple I/O Streams

1.6 Features

  • Multiple input and output streams
  • Octave and MATLAB model language support
  • R SDK
  • 8 default sensors installed
  • Executable stream type
  • LDAP configuration through the dashboard
  • Ability to download assets from the dashboard
  • Authenticated Kafka stream type
  • Additional sub-commands in the CLI
  • General improvements to performance and stability

Additional Notes

JSON-format PFA models are not supported in the new version of the FastScore CLI and must be added through the dashboard. YAML-format PFA models are unaffected.

Release Notes for FastScore v1.6.1